Q: Are anti-abortion bills at a state level unconstitutional?

A:Yes, they are Constitutional, there is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that allows or limits abortions. Prior to Roe v. Wade each state had their own abortion ...Read More »

Q: About the Kansas Anti-Abortion Bill.

A:My son, when you come to serve the LORD, prepare yourself for trials. Be sincere of heart and steadfast, undisturbed in time of adversity. Cling to him, forsake...Read More »

Q: How were the Anti-abortion democrats able to reach an agreement a...

A:Related Articles. Democratic abortion foe says he has agreement with White House, party leaders on. 4 Hours ago. WMC-TV: News, Weather, Traffic, Rada...Read More »

Q: Does US Senate defeats anti-abortion measure in health care bill ...

A:WASHINGTON (AFP) - The US Senate, locked in bitter battle over President Barack Obama's push to remake the nation's health care system, opened a new front Monda...Read More »

Q: The republicans refused to vote on an anti-abortion bill requirin...

A:Ahhh isn't "rape" as you call it a required practice to perform the abortion itself. Kind of cherry picking here aren't you. WEll I have not studied nor even he...Read More »

anti-abortion bill

Introduced: Jan 12, 2015. Referred to Committee: Jan 12, 2015. H.R. 463: PRO- LIFE Act. Sponsor: Rep. Randy Neugebauer [R-TX19]. Introduced: Jan 22, 2015.
Flood Of Abortion-Restricting Bills Filed In State Legislatures Following GOP Sweep. The Huffington.Anti-Abortion Bills Advance In Statehouses Nationwide.
After Texas Republican lawmakers ran out of time last week and failed to pass their anti-abortion bill in the first special session of the legislature.Read Whole .
House Republicans on Thursday passed an alternative anti-abortion bill after pulling their originally planned legislation from the floor in a .
A skirmish over a provision in the anti-human trafficking bill quickly grew into a larger debate over abortion and race that resulted in the longest .
About two dozen Republicans, led mostly by a small group of female lawmakers, forced the House leadership to pull an antiabortion bill from .
Ohio governor John Kasich is unlikely to support the bill amid fears that it could be unconstitutional and resulting litigation could end up easing .
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What sort of circumstance would have to occur in order to get a late-term abortion?
Are you asking about legality or about a woman's choice? In most states and countries, elective late-term abortion is banned- the only way you can access it is to have some sort of complication with the pregnancy- severe fetal anomaly, for example, or a threat to the life or health of the...

I am a teen mommy... I became pregnant at 14. Please read my story. Please. I need help...?
Hi, I'm 14 about to be 15 and am a Christian also. I can't begin to imagine what you have already been through being raped and getting pregnant. But, God gave you those two babies for reason even if you don't know the answer yet. Maybe you could use that experience to help other girls that...

Why legally did they pass roe vs wade?
Jane Roe or John Roe is a legal placeholder that is used in or on legal documents when a person's name needs to be withheld for legal reasons or whose identity is unknown. John Doe and Jane Doe is the more common name used here in the U.S. As for Roe v Wade, it really has very little to actually...

Is planned parenthood the only abortion provider?
Actually, I don't believe Planned Parenthood actually provides any medical services. They simply recommend medical services to those who come in, and on occasion use their funding to help the needy get those services when they cannot afford them. Therefore, Planned Parenthood is mostly a non-profit...

Abortions- Medical vs Surgical?
While I have not experienced an abortion, I am a nursing student and have studied the process. The medical abortion feels a more natural process, as it imitates a miscarriage. However, there is more pain and much more bleeding involved. Medical abortions are not always effective as well...