Q: Why was i sleeping for 10 week abortion?

A:Because it would have been too painful to be awake.For your safety you had to be laying perfectly still when they have the tolls inside you and that would've be...Read More »

Q: How is 10 week abortion done when you are a sleep?

A:They numb the cervix, like a injection, slowly dilate it and then scrape the walls using a curette. Then they suck it out. It takes about 5-10 minutes.Read More »

Q: Why am i still bleeding after 10 weeks after a abortion?

A:Hi, I was just reading your post and thought I'd post a reply because I was in a situation like that. Last year I had an abortion at 6 weeks, I had the 2 tablet...Read More »

Q: Abortion after 10 weeks should be aborted...what do you think?

A:in our 21st civilised society it is nothing short of murder. my daughter is a young professional woman of 21. her baby is due in three months time. her boyfrien...Read More »

Q: Is it possible to show a embryo on ultrasound 10 weeks after abor...

A:Yes,you can get pregnant after an abortion. If you go to a pregnancy help center they can arrange a pregnancy test and another ultrasound for you. You can find ...Read More »

10 week abortion

If you have no other means, doing the medical abortion is still much safer than dangerous methods for causing an abortion,.64-70 days (9-10 weeks), 2.7%.
Before you look at the pictures of the babies aborted at 10 weeks, I want to share something with you. If you are woman considering abortion, .
If it s a late abortion (between 20-24 weeks), you ll usually have to stay overnight. .It usually takes between minutes to perform under general .
The following was posted on my site in response to a comment that was made that 10-week-old babies do not look human and are not .
Surgical Abortion Procedures use instruments to go in and remove the baby from inside.abortion procedure performed during the first 6 to 16 weeks gestation. The procedure usually lasts 10-15 minutes, but recovery can require staying at .
Abortion rights advocates expect them to be a major issue in the coming year and beyond.
I actually had the abortion yesterday (1/25/14) at a Planned.On a scale of 1 to 10, I d say the cramps were a 6 or 7 (with 10 being most .
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Can pregnancy symptoms persist in lady with missed abortion or belighted ovum?
I had a missed miscarriage, i lost the baby at 7 weeks but did not know until i was 12 weeks when they did the ultra sound, i still had morning sickness i was still moody and i still felt pregnant. So it was a very sad day for me.. i was confused and so depressed. The hcg was probably gone...

Do you think that the abortion cut off line should be lowered??
I think abortion should be banned. You don-t have a right to kill an innocent baby just because it doesn't have the right to vote or property. Abortion may be allowed only when the mother's life is in danger. Can a mother or a doctor kill a newborn baby legally just because it was born out...

What is the position of Planned Parenthood with respect to abortions (how long they can be performed)?
Planned Parenthood focuses mainly on advocating for access to abortion in the first and second trimester, but they also frequently oppose and denounce anti-abortion moves that seek to criminalize late-term abortion. So they're not out trying to get elective late-term abortions available on...

What are some reasons that people get abortions?
there are many reasons some of the main reasons are: don't have the money are too young and there parents make them are too immature not ready to have a child or it is just there personal choice

Can dogs have abortions?
i think so some one i know , i think she had her dog have an abortion because the father was a big dog and her dog was little and the puppies would have killed her dog because of their size..... -( hard decision