Q: Why should abortion be illegal?

A:From our video partners Pregnancy Taking care of yourself with baby on the way. Some opinions why abortion should be illegal: Abortion should be illegal because...Read More »

Q: Why should abortion be illegal?

A:Some opinions why abortion should be illegal: Abortion should be illegal because it kills a child still in the mother's womb. If you abort that child then it ca...Read More »

Q: What are good reasons why Abortion should be illegal?

A:I have been doing alot of research on this subject, just out of interest due to the fact that I am 100 % Pro Life. I do know that a BABY (I say it that way beca...Read More »

Q: What are good reasons why Abortion should be illegal?

A:I have thought about this quite a bit over the years. The wide spread of opinions is incredible, matched only by the passion of the activists on all sides. This...Read More »

Q: Why should abortion be legal/illegal?

A:Too often in this debate, proponents for each side just seem to be talking *past* each other, as opposed to actually engaging. The reason? A. failure to define ...Read More »

10 reasons why abortion should be illegal

All women should understand exactly what abortion is.
So please read the top 10 reasons why abortion is wrong and must be opposed: 1. Abortion Offends God Abortion is never a mere personal choice but a grave .
Abortion is an issue that raises a lot of flags for many #people. Here are 7 reasons why abortion should be illegal. Feel free to share your opinions in the .
This is why abortion must be illegal if murder is illegal. It should never be “lawful” to kill any innocent human being. 2) The 14th Amendment .
Like babies? Then you ll love the 10 Reasons Abortion Should be Illegal.
Here s a look at 10 abortion arguments from both sides - 10 arguments for. Abortion frequently causes intense psychological pain and stress."Should Abortion Be Banned (Except in Special Circumstances Like Saving the Mother s Life)?
10 Reasons Not to Have an Abortion.Fathers attempting to stop abortions should read this article. Siblings who need a place to express their .
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next time you should make the other dog wear a condom

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How about keeping/protecting social security, fighting for closing tax loopholes and raising taxes on the wealthiest in our society so as to not increase our national debt even further?

1. I am anti-abortion. It is unconstitutional, and constitutes as infanticide. 2. I am against abortion solely for the logistic flaws associated with being "pro-choice." There is nothing religious about my pro-life argument. I believe that often times people use religion to distract from the...

Roe v wade?
Technically, Roe vs. Wade did not make abortion itself legal or illegal. That case just made it illegal for anyone to question what a woman did with her own body, short of committing suicide. It kind of tiptoed around the whole question of abortion. Roe vs. Wade is about the right to privacy...

What Are The Two Sides Of Abortion? 10 Points Thanks?
Hello darling I really strongly believe that abortion is a very bad thing. Your baby is inside you and needs to come into the world so that he or she will become apart of gods kingdom. Abortion can give you so much pain and misery because you are going through the death of your baby. I know...