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For unbiased information about abortion and about other resources, including financial assistance, call toll-free 1-800-772-9100. Weekdays: .
The National Abortion Federation (NAF) is the professional association of abortion providers in North America. We believe that women should .
What you ll do is call this hotline: 1-800-772-9100.It s fine to go ahead and make an appointment for your abortion even if you re not sure how you ll pay for it .
1-800-804-8868 for Abortion. Call our 800 number right now and our system will automatically connect you to a close abortion provider. If you need a medical .
National Abortion Federation offers unbiased information about abortion and financial assistance. Call toll-free 1-800-772-9100 (this is a different number than .
1-800-665-0570. Care www.abortionNet - Free pregnancy tests:.abortion help & info: Abortion Facts.American Victims of Abortion.
Popular Q&A

Does medicaid cover for the abortion pill in NY?
Medicaid does not cover abortions under any circumstances. Even women who could DIE from having the baby have to find the funds themselves.

Why do republicans want to perpetuate poverty by restricting abortions?
I don't think the perpetuation of poverty is the motivation, more like votes. Why don't both Democrats and Republicans get together and do something to reduce the number of abortions performed each year? Seriously, Planned Parenthood must not be all that effective if the number of abortions...

Anyone have a website that shows pros and cons of parental consent for pregnant women to have abortion?
Just because you were dumb enough to not use protection, doesn't mean this child should pay for your mistakes. The least you could do, is act like an adult, and be responsible for your mistakes. You knew about sex, so you must have know the possibility of becoming pregnant. Grow up, tell your...

What is better an abortion or adoption?
Abortion is for a woman who does not want to be pregnant, and adoption is for a woman who does not want to (or can't) parent. I had an abortion because I did not want to be pregnant. I also work in the adoption field and knew I was not strong enough to make an adoption plan for my baby. ...

Is abortion more common in Japan?
I am Japanese. According to the statistics by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan, during fiscal year 2009 (Apr 2009 - Mar 2010) , 223,405 abortion was done. The number is only one half of that of 20 years ago. >>abortion was more common, or at least less frowned upon than in America...