Q: Anti Abortion activist?

A:This should be illegal! If TV has to give a warning for graphic nature then thses people shouldn't be allowed to show pictures like this to people's children! T...Read More »

Q: Anti abortion activists or religious fanatics...?

A:Not bad. I am not a fanatic so I can't really tell you what they think. The whole "Lets kill to show killing is wrong" thing always bugged me. I am thinking abo...Read More »

Q: Who did anti-abortion activist scott Roeder murder?

A:Scott Roeder was tried and convicted in the murder of Dr. George Tiller. ChaCha,...Read More »

Q: Anti-Abortion Activist Runs Sham Clinic?

A:William A. Graham, an anti-abortion activist in Louisiana, has been accused of creating the "Causeway Center for Women" as a means to prevent women from getting...Read More »

Q: What's an Anti- Abortion Activist to Do?

A:Instead of working for the outlawing of abortion (which is a long shot, and not likely to happen), a person who feels very strongly that abortion is wrong shoul...Read More »

anti-abortion activists

There are diverse arguments and rationales for the pro-life stance. Some anti- abortion activists concede arguments for permissible abortions in exceptional . History - Overview - Views in opposition to abortion - Legal and political aspects
WASHINGTON -- Thousands of anti-abortion activists plan to march on the U.S. Supreme Court today in an annual demonstration to mark the anniversary of.
But what was supposed to be a win for many anti-abortion activists instead turned into an intraparty battle as the bill didn t go to the floor for a .
Abortion Clinic Presence- Public Protest- Confronting the Abortionists- Promoting and Defending Activism- Broadcasting the Pro-Life Message- Youth Outreach .
"I m ready to get arrested," said Jill Stanek on Thursday. "I ve never felt that way before, but this is personal." Stanek, an anti-abortion activist .
Anti-abortion activist fired after a hospital privacy breach in which hundreds of patient records and abortion files were inappropriately accessed.
The anti-abortion activist who pried into hundreds of abortion records for over nine months at an Ontario hospital would be referred for .
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12 weeks abortion recovery time?
I believe that a 12 week abortion is still considered a simple, early procedure. In which case, she could very easily be back to class the next day. I have had 2 abortions, and there was only a little cramping the first day. Also, I mostly just slept the first day because of the anesthesia...

What are the arguments for abortion?
The argument is whether abortion is the killing of an actual human being or not. It comes down to how you define human being... whether or not it is when the mother is pregnant. As a result, the political issue is essentially whether it should be legal or not, and how much or little it should...

Where can I get an at-home abortion kit?
They dont make a kit for this to do yourself at home. In some places a doctor can prescribe you with a pill that can terminate the pregnancy depending how far along you are, however you need a prescription to get this. Otherwise you will have to seek out an abortion clinic that can preform...

Abortion pro or con?
Being a man I truly have no say in a debate like this - I will say if the woman can live with having an innocent child ripped out of her body like one would throw away a paper bag - then she will have to live with the consequences that pray upon her mind.

When did abortion become legal in the United States? *What was the Roes vs. Wade Supreme Court decision? *?
Roe v. Wade (1973) is a U.S. Supreme Court case that resulted in a landmark decision regarding abortion. according to the Roe decision, most laws against abortion in the United States violated a constitutional right to privacy under the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. the decision...