Q: Anti Abortion activist?

A:This should be illegal! If TV has to give a warning for graphic nature then thses people shouldn't be allowed to show pictures like this to people's children! T...Read More »

Q: Anti abortion activists or religious fanatics...?

A:Not bad. I am not a fanatic so I can't really tell you what they think. The whole "Lets kill to show killing is wrong" thing always bugged me. I am thinking abo...Read More »

Q: Who did anti-abortion activist scott Roeder murder?

A:Scott Roeder was tried and convicted in the murder of Dr. George Tiller. ChaCha,...Read More »

Q: Anti-Abortion Activist Runs Sham Clinic?

A:William A. Graham, an anti-abortion activist in Louisiana, has been accused of creating the "Causeway Center for Women" as a means to prevent women from getting...Read More »

Q: What's an Anti- Abortion Activist to Do?

A:Instead of working for the outlawing of abortion (which is a long shot, and not likely to happen), a person who feels very strongly that abortion is wrong shoul...Read More »

anti-abortion activists

There are diverse arguments and rationales for the pro-life stance. Some anti- abortion activists concede arguments for permissible abortions in exceptional . History - Overview - Views in opposition to abortion - Legal and political aspects
WASHINGTON -- Thousands of anti-abortion activists plan to march on the U.S. Supreme Court today in an annual demonstration to mark the anniversary of.
But what was supposed to be a win for many anti-abortion activists instead turned into an intraparty battle as the bill didn t go to the floor for a .
Abortion Clinic Presence- Public Protest- Confronting the Abortionists- Promoting and Defending Activism- Broadcasting the Pro-Life Message- Youth Outreach .
"I m ready to get arrested," said Jill Stanek on Thursday. "I ve never felt that way before, but this is personal." Stanek, an anti-abortion activist .
Anti-abortion activist fired after a hospital privacy breach in which hundreds of patient records and abortion files were inappropriately accessed.
The anti-abortion activist who pried into hundreds of abortion records for over nine months at an Ontario hospital would be referred for .
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Help! Dalai Lama Research Paper!?
The Dalai Lama is a religious leader- he holds more influence over people than an ordinary person. Zhou Enlai's spirit could influence the people in Beijing- the Dalai Lama's spirit could certainly influence the people of Tibet and his followers around the world.

Thyroid problems and abortion?
The abortion pill is not recommended for women who have adrenal gland, heart, kidney, or liver problems in particular. Otherwise, it's a relatively safe option. Having hyperthyroidism shouldn't make it unsafe to take the medical abortion pills. I recommend really making sure aborting the baby...

Does a anti abortion stance help our military?
It probably could and does help the military- who else can defend this country but living human beings who reproduce? Maybe those women wizened up and became women through having a baby, learned to love the baby who could have a chance in this world, or they could have put the baby up for adoption...

Let's celebrate our right to have as many abortions as we want to forever....?
Sure do! I want an "I heart Abortion" shirt... "I heart Abortion" on front and "Problem Solved" On back

Abortions in movies...?
The Story of Women by Claude Chabrol - a French woman performed over 23 abortions and got the death penalty to be made an example of Occasional Work of a Female Slave by Alexander Kluge - it features a real abortion. This director is obscure and it's extremely hard to find his movies. Ten things...