Q: Did you know that there was a recent anti-abortion rally in San F...

A:I did not know that but I am not surprised that there was no coverage. The media doesn't want to cover those crazed lunatics that opposed destroying innocent hu...Read More »

Q: We should start having anti-abortion rally's while the state and ...

A:Well, first of all, most pro-lifers are pro-life in word only, not in deed, and won't show up even if encouraged to do so. I am sorry to say this, but it has be...Read More »

Q: Anti-abortion groups stage rally?

A:well, its hard to say because there are circumstances where i think it should be legalized. Like incestuous rape, or if the child is so deformed that it would h...Read More »

Q: Do you think it is appropriate for anti-abortion protesters to br...

A:noooo, leave kids out of such things, those parents make me sick, your kids are not a prop for your politics, let them be kids and be innocent long enough, lord...Read More »

anti-abortion rally

About 100 antiabortion activists skipped the 12:30 p.m. Civic Center rally and instead squared off against the pro-choice crowd at the Powell .
WATCH the 2015 March for Life Rally.How Obamacare Decimated Bipartisan Pro-Life Support.March for Life Mourns the Passing of Pro-Life Champions. March For Life 2015 - Media - March for Life Movement Map - About Us
A massive anti-abortion protest shut down downtown San Francisco. Tens of thousands of people were making their voices heard Saturday.
Texas new first lady, Cecilia Abbott, and land commissioner, George P. Bush, headlined an anti-abortion rally at the state Capitol on Saturday .
WASHINGTON (AP) - Anti-abortion demonstrators crowded the National Mall on Thursday for an annual march coinciding with a landmark U.S. .
An esitmated 1,000 people attended an anti-abortion rally at downtown Portland s Pioneer Courthouse Square Jan. 18. The rally drew harsh .
Bryan Kemper, an anti-abortion activist with a punk-rock sensibility, headlined a Sunday rally in downtown Portland.
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How can I get help paying for an abortion?
Call up a local clinic and ask for resources to fund the abortion. Medicaid will not help pay, neither will most insurance companies. Most clinics maintain a list of resources that can be contacted to help pay.

Porn abortion drugs and alcohaul! for/against?
I'm against abortion in all cases. In the case of rape, the child should not be sentenced to death for the crime of her father. Furthermore, when a woman aborts a child conceived in rape, SHE becomes the aggressor, hurting another innocent victim the way she was hurt, and the knowledge of...

Abortion pill?
The "abortion pill" regimen actually consists of two different chemicals, Mifepristone (RU-486) and Misoprostol (Cytotec). Mifepristone "can cause impaired future fertility." In addition, "according to the 2001 Physician's Desk Reference, abortions caused by Cytotec may be incomplete leading...

Ethics question regarding abortion. Your opinion?
I'm warning you--don't get me started. Too late. 8^< The old 'You just killed Beethoven' argument is just really weak. And sad. Maybe we should force every girl to have ten or twelve kids, starting as soon as she gets her period, because one of those could be Beethoven. 8^P The fact is, syphilis was so common in the late 18th/early 19th century it wasn't even seen as a disease! It was perhaps the biggest cause of deafness, blindness, and insanity. Infant and child mortality hovered around 50%. Birth defects and disabling childhood diseases were very common. For many years, people weren't sure of just were life begins. I mean, most reasonable people would look at a 9-month fetus, ready to be born, viable outside the mother's body, and say yes, that's a person, that's a human being. But the same reasonable people would look at a fertilized egg, a zygote, a single cell, too small to be seen with the naked eye, with no heart or brain or other organs, no consciousness or personality, and say no, that's not a human. So where between these two extremes do we draw the line? If you ordered chicken in a restaurant and they brought you a hard-boiled egg, well that's not the same thing! 'But it's a -fertilized- egg!' the waitress insists. No, it's still not the same thing. For a long time the pro-life movement was overwhelmingly Roman Catholic. And in a way they have a right to it because they also oppose contraception. But Protestant (fundamentalist) Christians still weren't sure just where we can say life begins. The idea that life begins when the sperm hits the egg was a decision made for the presidential campaign of Ronald Reagan in 1980, designed to drive a stake into the ground for Christians to rally around, to make abortion a big issue in that election. It is not a technical 'fact', and it certainly isn't in the Bible. It was a POLITICAL decision, an artificial and arbitrary standard. Today we know that half or more of all fertilized eggs never implant on the uterine wall and begin to develop. They are genetically incomplete or have some other imperfection, so they flush out of the woman's body with her next period, before she ever even knew she was 'pregnant'. Can we believe that God kills half of all 'human beings' before they ever even get a chance to develop? Is God an ABORTIONIST? A BABY-KILLER? I'm not as unsympathetic as I might sound with the Pro Life argument, but the argument seems to have been deliberately laid out more for political reasons than moral ones. It's deliberately designed in such a way that it can never be resolved, so one political party can get maximum political mileage out of it. In fact the number of abortions performed in the US have gone up under Republican presidents and down under Democratic presidents because the Democrats believe in providing alternatives.

What do you think of my abortion poem?
Besides a few grammatical errors, this poem makes a good read. But I would suggest changing the last line around though, it's improperly written... Other than that, nice write ! (: