Q: How many women died from coat hanger abortions before Roe V Wade?

A:Since this topic has come up, I'd like to see how many people think this caused large numbers of deaths. Keep in mind, 40,000,000+ abortions of convenience have...Read More »

Q: Where in the US was abortion legal before Roe v. Wade?

A:Abortion "before quickening" was legal, and freely advertised, in the American Colonies and United States from the time the original settlers arrived until Conn...Read More »

Q: Was abortion controversial in the US before Roe v. Wade?

A:Yes, it was controversial. It was legal in some states and not legal in others. And yes, people did argue about it. They also argued about single women taking b...Read More »

Q: What were the political trends on abortion prior to Roe v. Wade?

A:This. article. published in a 1979 issue of the Michigan Law Review includes several informative tables about trends in public opinion about abortion before the...Read More »

Q: How many states banned abortions prior to Roe v. Wade?

A:At the time of the US Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade, 410 US 113 (1973), abortion was illegal in 46 states . Women who wanted abortions either had dangerou...Read More »

abortion before roe v. wade

A look at the years before and after Roe v. Wade, the ruling that legalized abortion 40 years ago Tuesday.
With an administration deeply opposed to abortion, a Congress poised to pass legislation aimed at weakening the principles underlying Roe v. Wade and a .
Before Roe v. Wade, abortion was legal in several states of the United States, but that decision imposed a uniform framework for state legislation on the subject, . Abortion in the United States - Planned Parenthood v. Casey
Before the Roe decision, most states did not allow legal abortion. Prior to 1973, states determined the legality of abortion. Through the .
The women who had abortions before 1973 are seeing history repeat itself.
There are few physicians today who can relate to the “bad old days” before Roe v .Wade. I can.
The Supreme Court s 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade legalized abortion–but the debate was far from over, continuing to be a political battleground to this day.
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Faking a miscarriage! abortion pill.?
I think you are disgusting making your family think you've had a miscarriage! They do have feelings! I also think that you really shouldn't go to the clinic after amd say you've had a "miscarriage" when really you have took the abortion pill!! They need to know that you have taken it no doubt...

What does your religion say about Abortions?
Secular Humanism. We believe that each person's life is their own to do with as they choose. This includes abortion. Also, we're a heavily scientific "religion" so we'd simply argue that until the end of the first trimester the foetus isn't actually a living being and therefore, for lack of...

Is abortion on demand legal, in most US states, in the second trimester?
Each State has its own legislation. Example: Abortion on demand is not legal in South Dakota, the life of the mother must be at risk, the law there is so restrictive (I think widely acknowleged as the most restrictive laws of all in the USA): Canada...

What is the death rate for guns , abortions , road accidents & other sources in the USA ?
The US has an extensive searchable mortality database at From a quick check for 1999-2009, I get 503082 vehicle deaths, 140247 firearms deaths, and 150 abortion-related deaths (clearly not counting the foetus). I think that's for the 10-year period. For those aged 20-24, 30491...

If under a new Healthcare reform that will cover abortions, should viewing sonogram be required?
No. It is medically unnecessary and, more importantly, not effective: "In one of the few studies of the issue — there have been none in the United States — two abortion clinics in British Columbia found that 73 percent of patients wanted to see an image if offered the chance. Eighty-four percent...