Q: How does abortion effect a women'?

A:Read the story of this girl who recently had an abortion and you can tell very clearly what an effect that ahd on her mentally, and what type of regret and guil...Read More »

Q: How do abortions effect women?

A:Physically there are some risks to an abortion, it depends on which kind. Also the emotional impact can be short terma and long term, and depends on the woman's...Read More »

Q: What effects does abortions have on women bodies?

A:None unless they have complications which are the same as for childbirth but the risk to get it is smaller with abortion. It's safer then childbirth.Read More »

Q: What effect does abortion have on the women that get them?

A:I think like many women in college who get pregnant and who have plans other than having children, getting married, and settling down (in the short term), the m...Read More »

Q: What psychological effects do women get after having an abortion?

A:It is normal for a woman to experience a range of emotions after an abortion, such as relief, sadness, happiness and feelings of loss. Each woman is unique. Man...Read More »

abortion effects on women

The emotional side effects of an abortion will vary from one woman to another. Some women report a sense of relief after having an abortion. The reasons for .
The physical side effects after an abortion will vary from woman to woman. There are potential side effects and risks that you should be aware of. It is important to .
Non-surgical or drug-induced abortion (often called “medical” abortion) poses its own risks to the health of pregnant women. Complications .
PHYSICAL RISKS. About 10% of women who have a first-time abortion face immediate physical complications, according to a study reported in the American .
The adverse effect of legal abortion on women we see more and more coming to the forefront as.Women who have had an abortion are now “silent no more”.
Women with two or more abortions face a 4.92 relative risk. Similar elevated risks of subsequent ovarian and liver cancer have also been linked .
For more than 30 years, substantive research studies have shown that legally induced abortion does not pose mental health problems for women. This finding .
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Shot given after a pregnant abortion to help for Future Pregnancy?
My guess is that it may have been a Rh immunoglobulin. Here is the layman description: Basically, if you have a negative blood type (ie A-, B-, AB-), there are antibodies that your body produces during your first pregnancy. Not a problem... until you get pregnant again. Then the antibodies...

Has anybody ever had a Vacuum Aspiration Abortion?
I haven't personally had one but have been with countless women as they've had one. Most women get really nervous beforehand. It takes a while for the doctor to set up all of the sterile equipment. Some clinics will offer sedation to their patients, others will not. The actual procedure itself...

Should elective abortion be considered a primitive practice and abolished?
Abortion is for people who want to ignore responsibility for something stupid they did. It should be abolished.

Why dont catholics approve of birth control?
It opposes it on the basis of an ideal: Intercourse should always be unitive and procreative in nature. In this way, it is love-affirming and life-creating. Etc. As a gay Catholic, I'll state right off the bat that I have my qualms with this at first cozy-seeming teaching. And you are right...

From what I have read about the abortion pill is 6 hours after you take the second pill you will start to bleed... I dont know for sure how effective it is but I would imagine it would be pretty effective if they give it out... I hope everything goes well with your cousin.. I wish her luck...