Q: Any good pro-life late-term abortion videos?

A:I saw a wonderful commercial where a young lady was speaking against was several years the end she said that she was rescued from a tras...Read More »

Q: Where are late term abortions legal?

A:Due to the mothers health is legal in every state. The definition of late terms abortions are not clear though so you have to call and ask in your state (like p...Read More »

Q: Where are late term abortions legal?

A:no if you want a abortion dont do it, you are killing a life that is inside you, it is a baby you would be killing, i will pray for you so u make the right choi...Read More »

Q: Why late term abortion?

A:Though the procedure has had a low rate of usage, representing 0.17% (2,232 of 1,313,000) of all abortions in the United States in the year 2000, according to v...Read More »

Q: What's it like to get a late-term abortion?

A:I can't answer from personal experience, but the website for Dr. Hern's clinic in Boulder has an informative description of the process here: More »

late-term abortion video

This is what happens when a woman goes in for a late-term abortion.Since seeing this video, I have not been able to wrap my head around the fact that .
Video showing a late term abortion in which the fetus head is crushed to facilitate removal from the mother. Very graphic, please be advised.
In videos obtained by Operation Rescue, Tiller is seen describing this particular .Currently, this late-term abortion process is in use in pregnancies as late as 35 .
An educational video showing a late-mid term delivery of an aborted baby.
This video shows a late term abortion where the baby is removed intact. This baby was first injected with poison and killed before being .
Late-term abortion worker explains stabbing babies skulls in.Part of the video had previously been released in June as part of Live Action.
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I had a abortion 3 1/2 weeks ago and i still have stomache pains and my breast leak?
ok, i wasnt going to respond to this but the person that answered this before me has entirely blown this out of context whats to say you didnt get the abortion for medical reasons, like eptopic pregnancy, or something else that would have caused you great harm to carry to full term.... you...

Is it true that having an abortion increases chances of breast cancer by 800%?
No, it isn't true The anti-abortion movement has sought unsuccessfully to prove that there's a link between abortion and breast cancer.. For example, 'The Breast Cancer Epidemic', a study conducted by the London based Pension and Population Research Institute takes data from 8 European countries...

Is a womans cervix strong enough to carry baby full term after an abortion 8 weeks ago?
Good for you for being unwilling to abort another child if you are indeed pregnant. Keep in mind that many women who have never aborted a child have the condition called "cervical incompetence" (weakening of the cervix), and it is manageable. You MAY need a few stitches in your cervix or...

Where can I get a low cost abortion?
Go to Fund Abortion Now ( -- Click on the red Get Help button on the right). They provide financial assistance to women who can't afford abortions. I think you have to pay something, though. Don't order abortion pills over the internet. You are too far along for abortion...

Exactly how is an abortion done after 24 weeks?
I won't go into the details but it is pretty morbid. I am a physician and I personally would not like to carry out such a procedure. I support both birth control and early abortion but at 24 weeks, I am convinced that they experience pain. I don't advocate abortion but in many instances it...